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Delicious lo-cal soups at Ixtapan Spa

lo-cal soupsFor those of you who love the delicious lo-cal soups at Ixtapan Spa, here is the recipe for the onion soup served at lunch by the pool.

Thinly slice white onions, sear on low heat for 15 minutes in a pan sprayed with canola oil. Add water in an amount that you wish depending on how oniony you want your soup.  Good proportion is one large onion per 16oz of water. Now bring to the boil, add an uncut garlic clove or two and half of one large tomato.  Simmer for 12 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste. Before serving, remove the garlic and remains of the tomato.

Like all our recipes,this soup is healthful, low in calories and almost fat free….but satisfying.

Come on down and you will not have to cook!

Summer Tuna Recipe from Ixtapan Spa

What better Summer lunch than dietetic tuna fish salad, prepared as we do in Ixtapan’s fine kitchen. ‘Neptune Tuna’ includes water packed fine tuna,  mixed half mayo/ half plain yogurt, add chopped onion, chopped celery, chopped chives, chopped coriander, and mustard to taste.  Scald tomatoes, pull off stems and skins. Scoop out pulp, stuff with delicious tuna salad. We garnish with hearts of palm and several crackers. 250 calories per serving, measured by what will fill a medium sized tomato.

Ask us for other recipes you love at Ixtapan Spa and we will do our best to send them  to you. Our mantra, after all, is bring home healthy habits you gain here.

Coriander makes every recipe special
Coriander makes our Neptune Tuna Pop with Flavor