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Winter Weekend Sniffle Tip: Ixtapan Spa

Fitness Class Signs

So you feel pasty and cold? Another sniffle is coming by tomorrow?

Five easy steps to change today with Ixtapan Spa:
Check out our perfect weather: sun all day, high 70’s dry and      pure. www.weather.com will reassure you when you search under Ixtapan de la Sal.
Call our office in Texas and see if we have availability. 1 800 IXTAPAN.
Book airfare to Mexico City (MEX) or Toluca (TLC) on any engine. Most flights are Delta, American, AeroMexico,United, all the big guys. Smaller airlines are Interjet, Alaska, Volaris, Aeromar; some of these might take extra hunting.

Give the office your flights so we can pick you up immediately outside of immigration and customs.

Then and this might be the hardest of the five steps: put away your life stresses, take off your winter coat and relax. Book today and throw out those tissues.



First Snow of the Year in NE

The last few days in the Northeast have brought us the first snows. Initially the snow is beautiful, then dirty, then endless. Don’t leave your winter sun plans too late. Airfares skyrocket and our resort is increasingly full. Booking today is even easier with our new Reservations button on Facebook. We take a credit card as a guarantee and you may call that in if you prefer.

Join us for a wonderful rejuvenating warm winter week at bargain prices. Reserve here, on our site or on Facebook!  Our office is in Texas so call Central Time if you prefer to speak with one of us: 1 800 IXTAPAN.


Information on Mexico City Airport

If you are considering a visit and have never been to Mexico City Airport (MEX), here are some nice surprises while you wait for our vans to pick you.Terminal 1 is the newer terminal, with shops, restaurants, wifi in many places like Starbucks and of course the usual lounges, plus a direct connection to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel if you need to stay overnight.

Terminal 2 is a bit older but still modern with the same amenities and a large exhibition hall with wonderful photos of different parts of Mexico. The exhibit is worth some time if you have it. Again there is wifi at many restaurants and Starbucks has seating with desk like areas and electrical plugs. (Electricity is the same as in the US, no adaptor needed).

You will find both easy to navigate, with many English speaking staff and goodies to buy.  Restaurants accept credit cards.


Here is a secret, if you are a frequent visitor, some restaurants do NOT change their passwords.

Group Leader Training Class No 2 at their Farewell Party

Winter is here; see our Climate below

Exactly what is winter like in Ixtapan de la Sal? The resort is 5400 ft. above sea level, but South of Mexico City (65 miles). Altitude gives us cool clear mountain air and being at the southern most part of North America gives us warm days and glorious flowers. Yes Mexico is North America! Daytime temperatures in winter range from 70-80 with full sun. Night time range from 55-60 max. Rain falls mostly in the Summer and Fall but an occasional day also in winter, giving guests time to enjoy their spa treatments and day trips.

Clothing in winter is layered for the early AM walk, summery for daytime, and again light sweater or fleece for night time. The resort supplies both heavy blankets for the thin blooded and fans for those who like to super cold. The pools are heated.



Five Reasons to Join Jan 18-25 Group Leader Trip

This photo is from our last Group Leader Training Seminar. Now does this really look like hard work?????

Many women who come to the resort are curious about how to become a group leader. Here are 5 top reasons to join this informative and fun seminar week:

Begin a new career as a group leader for Ixtapan Spa. If you like to organize and be with lots of people, then try being a group leader here. You will earn free places and help you buddies to get group pricing.

Coming with 3 friends: get everyone to bring one more and voila: 6 guests are a group at Ixtapan Spa!

Want a fiesta as part of your farewell sign off? We organize fiestas for all groups.

Shared transfers for groups can be economic.

You just like the idea that The More The Merrier.

Ask us about Group Leader Training Jan 18-25, and learn marketing as well the easy nitty gritty of the job.




What Absentee Women are Missing at Ixtapan Spa

If you have not been back in a while; you missed all of the following upgrades and additions:

Wifi throughout the hotel: in your rooms, in the lobby and around parts of the pool( if you really need to be connected!)

New Zen Gazebo of natural woods and stone, centered with candles and a crystal pyramidal roof. Meditation and yoga never had a more serene venue. Surrounded by our gardens and created by nature.

New modernized Fitness Center and Fitness Room, using our lush landscaping as borders. In this center, we supply towels, water and classes to make ‘it’ all go away.

Menus with additional choices that hint at Mexican cuisine without burning your palate. And old favorites remain in both our pool side restaurant and inside more elegant dining.

And if you have not been in a long time: a fast bypassing road from Mexico City that cuts off 30 minutes of our drive by avoiding Toluca.  So now it is time to come back and experience it all again, book today: ixtapan@spamexico.com. We answer promptly and take credit cards over the phone.




Why Ixtapan and Why Now?

There are many resorts you can visit and many spas you can enjoy; but why Ixtapan Spa? Some reasons are obvious, others less visible.  The obvious: the very low cost of a full week with inclusions of all meals, all treatments, all classes and walks. That all the bottled water is included, as well as robes for the spa and fruit/juice and coffee for early risers.

The less obvious: friendliness of staff who make you feel you are coming home. The flexibility of meals so that you can order samples of more than one dish and never be charged again or ask for or an omelette anytime. Or a birthday cake for a friend? Or for a non spa Huevos Rancheros?

The least visible to newcomers: A bulletin board so you can share tennis or excursions to Taxco or Cuernavaca or the airport, common tables so no one eats alone unless they chose to, and a living lobby and bar where guests meet easily.

Where else can you call a hotel your own without the overlay of a boring and impersonal global brand? Join us for a winter weekend, and see for yourself both the obvious and hidden joys of Ixtapan Spa.  Book today by call our office in Texas: 1 800 IXTAPAN or emailing us at ixtapan@spamexico.com.




Ixtapan Spa Fam Trip October 5-12 2014

About four times a year, Ixtapan Spa organizes a familiarization trip for travel agents and group leader candidates. We hold several seminars to teach and encourage everyone. Each participant gets to experience a Spa Classic package and enjoy a Mexican fiesta. We treat groups to the fiesta as their farewell dinner. Join our next fam trip, if you have not been before, and start a sideline as a group leader to Ixtapan Spa, its easy,its fun and share the resort you love with your friends. Everyone adores our charming town: Ixtapan de la Sal.


Our Facebook Page will let you know the dates of our next Fam. If you are on our mailing list. you should get an email notice. Make sure you are on by contacting our office and asking to be: ixtapan@spamexico.com



image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image

It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.

This is the Year for You at Ixtapan Spa

We all have obligations, family concerns, and work. But how about making this ‘school’ year, the one for you. Instead of always doing for others, carve out a week for a totally passive and indulgent Spa Classic at Ixtapan Spa. Here are five ways to make your stay even better:

1-Book a few Holistic services in the Spa Holistico: how about something different like Four Hand Massage?

2-Take your own room for a change, and enjoy the privacy of doing what you want when you want it! Our single prices are a steal.

3-Bring a few good movies on your Ipad, preferably those that make you chuckle or swoon. Any George Clooney film will do it.

4-Take the day trip to Taxco and amble through the silver shops and main plaza with its craft market.

5-Enjoy the benefits of staying on our Spa menu, but finish your stay with a margarita made from fine Tequila.

This is the year for you, don’t waste it.




Ixtapan Spa is a all year resort

Gorgeous to See, Delicious to Drink: Hibiscus


Why is Ixtapan Spa known as a all around year resort? Our weather is almost perfect in all four seasons. Summer is a touch warmer, but Autumn begins with still warm days and cooler nights. Winter is Spring like days of 75 and evenings of 55 and Spring, well it is Spring again. We are in a generally dry area but tropical downpours for an hour or two happen more in Summer and keep our flowers glorious.

When you visit, be aware that our 5400 ft. altitude keeps evenings cooler than one might expect. And mornings for those who do our 7AM walk also have a brush of cool air.

For the early morning walk, a light fleece will do in winter and a long sleeved tee in Summer. Daily weather is posted on our site: www.spamexico.com

Looking for an Autumn getaway, you will not be disappointed in Ixtapan de la Sal Mexico.