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Five Time Savers at Ixtapan Spa


Since you are here to use all the facilities of the resort, we thought some ideas on how to save time might help you.

Catch up on your emails while you wait for our private transfers from Mexico City Airport. Many of the restaurants near our pick up point have wifi for just a cup of coffee. Starbucks is the most reliable and there are two of them: one near the outlet for customs and one in the food court. Ask at each if the wifi is working them purchase your drink. The password and user name will be clearly marked on your paper receipt.

To avoid having to change money at the ATM in town in the City Hall, bring lots of single $dollars ( US are more accepted than Canadian). Single $dollars are accepted in most stores and are great for extra tips at the hotel.

After you check in, and if you need something special like a fan? a softer pillow? more water? Ask for it immediately and you will find it in your room quickly.

Study the pool, gazebo and gym class schedules before you arrange your many treatments so you do not have to change them too many times. Note: if you plan on shopping in town, there is a siesta time and more stores are open Thursday-Sunday than other days.

Be flexible about your treatments and who does them. There are urban myths about who does what best and we all have our own preferences. If you want a change of service provider, make that clear at the Spa Desk.

These five tips are to help you utilize your time best while enjoying our wonderful resort. www.spamexico.com is where we are!

Thanks to Our Guests Who Continue to Rave About Ixtapan Spa

As you notice on our Facebook Page, it is guests who rave about us: ” great time”, “lost 2 pounds, thanks Antonio”, “a DEF go”, “This is a spa that I like to go to, great value” etc. And it is guests who continue to send in photos of their vacations and girls getaways. This photo was again from Leslie Niesse whose group used our 5Star Holistic Services this winter.

Waiting area of our Holistic Spa
Waiting area of our Holistic Spa

Fresh Honey and Ixtapan Spa

Bees create honey from flower nectar, our flower growing area is perfect for honey production. Honey is composed of fructose, glucose and maltose and is similar to sugar syrup but with a bit less of the sugar components. Honey does contain trace anti-oxidents and some Vitamin C, which is why it is a favorite in health food diets.

If you wander into Ixtapan de la Sal,  you  find many shops selling raw unpasteurized honey.  As an insight into local farming, you will find the different types (flowers determine the various colors) very interesting. We are not recommending you eat this raw honey. We  do however use honey in our facial masks as a binder and anti-microbial agent.  At the Sunday market in town, vendors sell honey right off the original comb. See Photo.