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Ixtapan Spa Served Hibiscus drinks way before Starbucks!

We have been serving organic hibiscus drinks in our spa cuisine for years. Hibiscus grows around our mountainous area in red.yellow and pink flowering bushes. Our tea is served with quartered limes and without sugar.   Starbucks just began a national campaign for its hibiscus drink!  If you really want Starbucks, get it at the MexicoContinue Reading

Hints on Becoming a Group Leader to Ixtapan Spa

How to become a Group Leader to Ixtapan Spa: 1. Be confident you are doing your friends a favor. 2. Keep an excel list of emails. 3. Drop flyers at beauty salons, gyms, doctors offices, and with women’s clubs. 4. Ask us for marketing help. 5. Use this photo of some of my group atContinue Reading