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Mexico Tourism Up as Concerns about Safety Fade

The press, which likes a bad headline, is now writing that safety concerns about Mexico are disappearing. Tourism is up, as Mexico re establishes itself as the best priced and easiest vacation area. At Ixtapan Spa we are also seeing this trend, as more guests return. They are greeted by renovations, new classes and excellent menu choices. We welcome you back for a cool Summer mountain escape.

Our gorgeous hills
Our gorgeous hills

Mother-Daughter Deals and 3 Tips for Mother’s Day

mother's day giftThree things to give Mom this year:

1. Gift certificate for her to go to Ixtapan Spa for a Spa Classic Week.

2. Gift certificate for both of you to go to Ixtapan Spa for a Spa Classic Week.

3. Gift certificate for all the women in your family to go to Ixtapan Spa for a Spa Classic Week.

It is never too soon for a Female Family Fun Reunion at Ixtapan Spa. While you are there, ask one of our staff to take your group picture. Walk into town and  buy hand-crafted pewter picture frames as a surprise gift for each member of your group.

Want to learn how to be a Group Leader for your family or friends, check out the Group Leader weeks by calling our office at 1 800 IXTAPAN or clicking on the button on Facebook.