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Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa

As the weather turns cold again, make sure you stretch before exercise. This is especially important when your body is cold. Consider doing a few stretches in bed before rising. Layered clothes can be heavy; invest in one or two Heat Tech tops which are light and warm. These are sold in Uniqlo shops nationContinue Reading

Mexico’s economy is growing faster than that of US

in 2011 Mexico’s GDP growth rate was 3.9%, faster than that of the U.S. (1.8%) or Canada (2.4%). Mexican GDP per person was $15,100, higher than any other Latin American country except Chile. Mexico is an oil exporter, a center of high technology and assembly.  Immigration has reversed to more incoming to Mexico than outgoing.Continue Reading

Mexico Spa Vacation

For the weekend, we suggest you put a reminder of your Mexican spa vacation on your table. Take a selection of flowers and leaves with stems. Cut them to a size you like- no more than 8 inches- and place stems in a plastic bag. Fill with water and close with a rubber band. NowContinue Reading