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Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa’s Kitchen

The Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however olives were not grown in Mexico until The Franciscans cultivated a grove, which one can still see a memorial to in Xochimilco, Mexico City.  The olive grows grew, became a competitor to Spanish oils and King CharlesContinue Reading

Low calorie Mexican favorites in Ixtapan Spa’s Teocali Restaurant

Today’s New York Times Food Section features the taco. Americans associate tacos with heavily salted fried chips and with Taco Bell. At Ixtapan Spa in our outdoor Teocali Restaurant, you meet a new taco. Tacos are tortillas (flat bread) made from corn or wheat and rolled around or under a filling. Tortillas that are grilled,Continue Reading