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Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa’s Kitchen

Pico de GalloThe Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however olives were not grown in Mexico until The Franciscans cultivated a grove, which one can still see a memorial to in Xochimilco, Mexico City.  The olive grows grew, became a competitor to Spanish oils and King Charles III halted the production in Mexico. Today olive oil is again grown in parts of the country and is becoming a plentiful crop. The national anthem of Mexico even refers to the olive indicating its importance in the last century.

Use olive oil in Mexican cooking in place of other fats, use it sparingly as oils spread more quickly than hard fats. For instance a spray of olive oil in your hot pan works well  in our chicken hamburger a favorite at Ixtapan Spa. Chop or buy chopped chicken, mix with herbs such as coriander,parsley,thyme. Sear both sides and cook thoroughly. Add a side of tomato salsa or limes and lemons. We use limes at Ixtapan Spa for their juiciness and because they are locally sourced. Come down this Spring and Summer for cool mountain air. As you know our wait staff is very friendly, ask them about other recipes you like.

Low calorie Mexican favorites in Ixtapan Spa’s Teocali Restaurant

low calorie MexicanToday’s New York Times Food Section features the taco. Americans associate tacos with heavily salted fried chips and with Taco Bell. At Ixtapan Spa in our outdoor Teocali Restaurant, you meet a new taco. Tacos are tortillas (flat bread) made from corn or wheat and rolled around or under a filling. Tortillas that are grilled, (what we do at Ixtapan Spa) are less caloric but equally delicious. In fact a pure corn tortilla is a ‘bread’ item people with celiac disease can enjoy. Tacos at Ixtapan Spa are flour and corn based. Ask our English speaking Head Waiter if you have a special diet.

To grill tacos , choose white corn tortillas.  Brush lightly with olive oil, and toast over a bbq until as stiff as you wish. Crunchy tacos will take no longer than 45-60 seconds. Use these for your guacamole and enjoy our style of low cal Mexican gourmet cuisine.