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Lunch in Ixtapan Spa

Ixtapan Spa lunchCrunchy jicama is served at lunch every day in Ixtapan Spa. Jicama is a Mexican “potato” which tastes between a pear and a water chestnut. It grows in long vines with gigantic roots that can weigh up to 50 lbs. The vegetable from the tuber, is cleaned, its brown skin peeled and it is cut into french fry looking pieces. Jicama is served alone as a side dish or with local fresh lime. Jicama gives you the satisfaction of crunchy snacks, but with a minimum of calories. Jicama is full of folates, Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. 90% of the jicama is water, and the rest fiber and some sugars which give it a distinctive nutty taste.

If you wish to use jicama in salads and salsas, you will find it is easily infused with other flavors and lends a great bite to recipes. When you see it on your lunch table, accompanied by fresh lime and fresh salsa, do try it. One stick will not be enough. More on Jicama in upcoming days.