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Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa’s Kitchen

The Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however olives were not grown in Mexico until The Franciscans cultivated a grove, which one can still see a memorial to in Xochimilco, Mexico City.  The olive grows grew, became a competitor to Spanish oils and King CharlesContinue Reading

Tipping at Ixtapan Spa

    Today there was a hilarious cartoon in The New Yorker with two people checking into a hotel room. A porter stands at the door and one says to the other: “How much are we supposed to tip the guy who followed us to our room and flicked on the light switch?”. Above isContinue Reading

Group Leader Training Fam June 22-29 2014

We are delighted to announce our annual Group Leader Training Fam Trip.  Past participants have become successful group leaders, some were travel agents and some just had lots of enthusiasm! Many kinds of guests make excellent group leaders. The training will help you organize your group, grow your group and market your group. It alsoContinue Reading

Lowest Airfares to Ixtapan Spa for Winter

Always stay tuned to our specials and news from Ixtapan Spa. You might save some money or grab a new airfare to us. Specials are on our site and are sent to those who have registered their emails with us. Send us your new email and those of your traveling pals and you will neverContinue Reading

Typical Ixtapan Spa Winter Climes

We are located at approximately 5400 ft in altitude in beautiful dramatic mountain scenery. Winters are generally 75 daytime and 55 night time with minimum humidity. For the morning walk, we suggest layering with a fleece or sweatshirt and for the pool activities, just a bathing suit will do. Our pools are heated and whenContinue Reading

Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa

Did you know that there is a Marriott Courtyard attached to Terminal 1 of the Mexico City Airport? Some guests who want to use frequent flier miles will stay there for a pre-spa or post-spa night. They then walk on an enclosed walkway to Terminal 1 for their pick up from our staff. That givesContinue Reading

Organic juices

In case you did not know, we serve all kinds of fresh juices at our breakfast buffet and before the early morning walk in the lobby. Yes you can sneak downstairs at 6:30AM for fresh juice/coffee and bananas even if you do not plan to do the walk! Besides fresh orange juice, we serve cactusContinue Reading

Group Benefits at Ixtapan Spa

As our group business grows, don’t miss out. You only need 6 plus yourself to make a group. Each group gets some special benefits which Rosie in our office can share with you. But besides the benefits, there is the friendship and fun of traveling with pals. Here are a few things that groups doContinue Reading

Weekend Tip from Ixtapan’s Spa Holistico

While you are with us at Ixtapan Spa, why not try a new service or two at our Holistic Spa? One of my favorites is the Abbyanga four hand massage. You will feel like a kneaded dough with 2 experts working in tandem on your stressed body.  Abbayanga is Indian inspired and combines ayurvedic andContinue Reading

Five Reasons Why Guests Return Annually to Ixtapan Spa

1 And the most important: A week in our Spa Classic package gives you the lift, refreshment and energy you need in busy lives. Healthful food, exercise, skin and body treatments really do work. 2 Guests sense a family owned friendliness and are welcomed as if ixtapan Spa were their home away from home. ForContinue Reading