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Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa for Your Winterized Hari

Before you wash your hair again, look at the ingredients in your products. At Ixtapan Spa we do our hair treatments with natural tomato, castor, olive and almond oils. Most US shampoos and conditioners are mainly chemicals so try using your pantry for your hair. PS sleeping on a silk pillow case is also good for de-frizzing. avocado tomato hair salad

Retreats for Women and Their Hair

women retreatsWomen’s Spa Goers look at the fitness and diet parts of Ixtapan’s inclusive spa package first. Part of your spa deal is a ‘retreat for your hair’. Organic fruits and vegetables like avocado and tomato are used to freshen, cleanse and re-shine hair. Treatments are especially good for dyed hair. Hunt around your local drugstore or surf Amazon and you will find many up-market conditioners use these ingredients.

You will not smell like a salad! But you might feel like soup, as you swoon under the accompanying shoulder and neck massages.

Enjoy your women’s retreat at Ixtapan Spa, head to tail.