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Ixtapan feels like Summer Camp for Adults

I have heard this comment many times while enjoying my stays in Mexico. Why do women compare Ixtapan Spa to Summer Camp?  First of all, there are mainly women in the spa area which creates friendly chatter and an ambiance of fun even amongst strangers. There is also the fitness part in which we canContinue Reading

Meditation and Yoga Classes Increased at Ixtapan Spa

The overwhelmingly positive response to our gorgeous Zen Gazebo in the gardens has resulted in more zen oriented classes. Most guests have tried one or more of the classes. As with all our services, the zen classes can be done by anyone from beginners trying meditation to frequent yoga practitioners. The Gazebo is constructed withContinue Reading

Tipping at Ixtapan Spa

    Today there was a hilarious cartoon in The New Yorker with two people checking into a hotel room. A porter stands at the door and one says to the other: “How much are we supposed to tip the guy who followed us to our room and flicked on the light switch?”. Above isContinue Reading

Group Leader Training Fam June 22-29 2014

We are delighted to announce our annual Group Leader Training Fam Trip.  Past participants have become successful group leaders, some were travel agents and some just had lots of enthusiasm! Many kinds of guests make excellent group leaders. The training will help you organize your group, grow your group and market your group. It alsoContinue Reading

Personal Visit to New York Times Show March 1-2 2014

  Dear Guests, We are hoping you stop by at our Booth at The New York Times Travel Show either on March 1 or 2. If you are a travel agent, you are invited to Travel Agent Day on February 28 also. At our table we will tempt you with photos of our new ZenContinue Reading

Some Notes on Salt

Salt in food might be considered negative, but salt in body treatments can be very good for you. Salt  treatments like our loofah scrub are very relaxing and good for skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Salt can help expel waste and water in certain tissues of the body. Salt contains other trace minerals: boronContinue Reading

Look Who Vacationed in Mexico for The Holidays

Sofía Vergara, and Jessica Alba and Leonardo DiCaprio among many other movie stars routinely choose Mexico for their vacations. Here is why: guaranteed weather, friendly people, excellent fresh food and a sense of familiarity. Our resort has all the same characteristics plus some. Guests actually know our staff’s names and vice versa. Many guests haveContinue Reading

When is a group not a big group?

At Ixtapan, only 6 constitutes a group. So you do need two fingers, but everyone has 6 pals/neighbors/family/workmates who need a refreshing detoxing vacation. Detox at Ixtapan Spa is not medical; we believe in healthy low fat diet, moderate exercise, pure organic treatments, and a full week of ‘detox’. A day spa just doesn’t doContinue Reading

Group Benefits at Ixtapan Spa

As our group business grows, don’t miss out. You only need 6 plus yourself to make a group. Each group gets some special benefits which Rosie in our office can share with you. But besides the benefits, there is the friendship and fun of traveling with pals. Here are a few things that groups doContinue Reading

Weekend Tip from Ixtapan’s Spa Holistico

While you are with us at Ixtapan Spa, why not try a new service or two at our Holistic Spa? One of my favorites is the Abbyanga four hand massage. You will feel like a kneaded dough with 2 experts working in tandem on your stressed body.  Abbayanga is Indian inspired and combines ayurvedic andContinue Reading