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Our Neighborhood: Ixtapan de la Sal

A walk into Ixtapan de la Sal, our town is 7-10 minutes from Ixtapan Spa, along a market then a short street. First you will see some cowboys and their horses in the road, offering to rent out their steeds. Then you enter our friendly town with a street market on the right side (weekends and Fridays), and continue down the main street. “Main” sounds busy but this is a quiet and easily crossed street. Walking downhill you pass craft,food, spa product, clothing and jewelry stores. Merchants are friendly and take USdollars.

Further on, there is a charming taco “factory”, and to the left on 17 September Street is the colonial church and its surrounding plaza. En route to the church, you again pass stores with cosmetics, bakeries, drugstores with North American inventory, and much more. If you wish to continue exploring: walk down the steps to the main plaza and gazebo area for a look at local life. On Sunday early mornings, there is a very large farmer’s market down this hill.

Tired at some point? Hail a taxi and return to Ixtapan Spa: $3.  Enjoy our neigborhood while you enjoy our resort.


Five Reasons to Join Jan 18-25 Group Leader Trip

This photo is from our last Group Leader Training Seminar. Now does this really look like hard work?????

Many women who come to the resort are curious about how to become a group leader. Here are 5 top reasons to join this informative and fun seminar week:

Begin a new career as a group leader for Ixtapan Spa. If you like to organize and be with lots of people, then try being a group leader here. You will earn free places and help you buddies to get group pricing.

Coming with 3 friends: get everyone to bring one more and voila: 6 guests are a group at Ixtapan Spa!

Want a fiesta as part of your farewell sign off? We organize fiestas for all groups.

Shared transfers for groups can be economic.

You just like the idea that The More The Merrier.

Ask us about Group Leader Training Jan 18-25, and learn marketing as well the easy nitty gritty of the job.




What Absentee Women are Missing at Ixtapan Spa

If you have not been back in a while; you missed all of the following upgrades and additions:

Wifi throughout the hotel: in your rooms, in the lobby and around parts of the pool( if you really need to be connected!)

New Zen Gazebo of natural woods and stone, centered with candles and a crystal pyramidal roof. Meditation and yoga never had a more serene venue. Surrounded by our gardens and created by nature.

New modernized Fitness Center and Fitness Room, using our lush landscaping as borders. In this center, we supply towels, water and classes to make ‘it’ all go away.

Menus with additional choices that hint at Mexican cuisine without burning your palate. And old favorites remain in both our pool side restaurant and inside more elegant dining.

And if you have not been in a long time: a fast bypassing road from Mexico City that cuts off 30 minutes of our drive by avoiding Toluca.  So now it is time to come back and experience it all again, book today: ixtapan@spamexico.com. We answer promptly and take credit cards over the phone.



Weekend Facebook Tips for Ixtapan Spa

You might have noticed that we are beginning to offer Spa Specials for Friends on our Facebook Page. Tell your travel companions to join in so they benefit also. Why Facebook?

Facebook friends tell the world exactly why they love coming to Ixtapan Spa. Along with Tripadvisor, new guests get a first hand account from non partisan viewpoints.

Facebook photos which you kindly share with us also depict how much fun we all have at Ixtapan, and when it is a group photo, you encourage your pals to join in your group.

So spread the word, tell the world to become a friend of our vibrant Facebook page! Share the fun and share the goodies.

Five Reasons to Come on Ixtapan Spa’s June 22-29 2014 Group Leader Training Trip


If you have friends and love Ixtapan, why not learn to become a Group Leader with us? Some women do this for fun; some women arrange groups for profit and some do it for their organizations.

Our new Meditation Zen Gazebo, candle lit with a natural foliage landscape.

HERE ARE FIVE REASONS TO JOIN US FOR THIS FAMILIARIZATION TRIP TO IXTAPAN SPA1. You will laugh and learn how to find your group, organize, easily document and lead the group to Ixtapan Spa.

2. You will learn marketing tricks that help in other endeavors. There is time discussing Social Media Marketing and Selling Travel, Spa Travel in particular.

3. You will see Behind the Scenes of Group Travel to Ixtapan and Increase the Profits You can Earn.

4. You will gain management skills and more confidence about being in control of a group.

5. You will take home your Group Leader Guide along with  templates,marketing materials and editorial copy to use for the future.

We hope you join us June 22-29 and become a member of our Club of  wonderful Group Leaders. Rosie in the Office at 1 800 IXTAPAN takes the reservations for this Group Leader Fam Trip for Travel Agents and Potential Group Leaders.



Mother Daughter Discounts


The best part of a mother daughter special at Ixtapan Spa is the time you can spend together. During  busy lives, there is little time to get re-acquainted. Mothers  work way past historic retirement ages and daughters are usually handling their own home,children and careers. Taking a spa/health break is good not just for your health but for your relationship.

As there are many activities and classes at  Ixtapan Spa, you will find yourselves doing different classes, treatments, walks during the day. The fact that you are not ‘tied at the hip’ is good for your joint vacation. But the time spent together is invaluable for both your relationship and memories.

Take advantage of our Mother Daughter Special Rates which are posted on www.spamexico.com and on Facebook.

Ixtapan feels like Summer Camp for Adults

I have heard this comment many times while enjoying my stays in Mexico. Why do women compare Ixtapan Spa to Summer Camp?  First of all, there are mainly women in the spa area which creates friendly chatter and an ambiance of fun even amongst strangers. There is also the fitness part in which we can discover how good it feels to  be physically stretched with muscles relaxed, each at our own level.

Women often come in groups and even those solo find that dining is casual, at big tables we remember from camp. Clothes can be sloppy or fashion-fit, no make up, wet hair…. Finally the easy schedule that takes your through each day: gym, pool, spa, salon, back to a meal etc. takes all the work out of organizing each day.

But the real ‘camp-like’ atmosphere comes from the friendliness of the guests and the ease with which we can meet each other. Solo guests find they immediately make friends on the AM walk, a class, at the pool, in the lobby, at meals and in the spa. Who isn’t welcoming when their head is wet and their face covered with fruit puree?

Meditation and Yoga Classes Increased at Ixtapan Spa

zengThe overwhelmingly positive response to our gorgeous Zen Gazebo in the gardens has resulted in more zen oriented classes. Most guests have tried one or more of the classes. As with all our services, the zen classes can be done by anyone from beginners trying meditation to frequent yoga practitioners. The Gazebo is constructed with natural wood, river stone and crystal and is centered around elegant burning candles. Open air sides bring our perfect climate into the gazebo.

So even if you are coming for ultra fitness or weight loss, do not miss a class of meditation or yoga in this inspirational new amenity.