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Look Who Vacationed in Mexico for The Holidays

Sofía Vergara, and Jessica Alba and Leonardo DiCaprio among many other movie stars routinely choose Mexico for their vacations. Here is why: guaranteed weather, friendly people, excellent fresh food and a sense of familiarity. Our resort has all the same characteristics plus some.

Guests actually know our staff’s names and vice versa. Many guests have their favorite menu, room, fitness class even flower. Most guests wander into town for shopping at their favorite store or stree stall: Mexican specialty food, tequila to bring home, silver, crafts and the inevitable Frida Kahlo bags.

The only thing to scare you here in Ixtapan de la Sal is the fact that you will not want to go home, especially when the temps drop to 3 as they will tomorrow. Winter space left but don’t allow others to take your favorite room.Frida Kahlo bags Sunday Market Ixtapan de la Sal Copying

Time to Get Out Your Spring Clothes

Each Spring, we dread trying on those stored clothes. Many of our guests come annually to stay fit during the winter then spruce up in Spring. Weather in our area from April-August remains 60-80.

Our days are delightful even in the Summer when our guests arrive from steamy sun belt states. fruit buffet And fresh fruit on our breakfast buffet is always bursting with flavor. What a way to start a day of fitness and pampering.

Thanks to Our Guests Who Continue to Rave About Ixtapan Spa

As you notice on our Facebook Page, it is guests who rave about us: ” great time”, “lost 2 pounds, thanks Antonio”, “a DEF go”, “This is a spa that I like to go to, great value” etc. And it is guests who continue to send in photos of their vacations and girls getaways. This photo was again from Leslie Niesse whose group used our 5Star Holistic Services this winter.

Waiting area of our Holistic Spa
Waiting area of our Holistic Spa

Listen to Alexandra with Zumba in Our Pool


Besides our daily walks, and many fitness classes in the gym and pools, we now also have zumba in the pool. For an idea of the fun of Aqua Zumba, click on the film below. The music is so engaging that those of us on the side lines found ourselves dancing along on the grass.

[KGVID poster=”http://spamexico.com/spa-golf-resort/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/zumbafilm1.jpg” width=”360″ height=”640″]http://spamexico.com/spa-golf-resort/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Zumbafilm.m4v[/KGVID]


Weekend Weather Tip from Ixtapan Spa

Of course everyone should buy travel insurance to protect their trip, especially during seasons of bad weather.

If you wish to gauge if your flight will leave? Here is one way: check the sites which show live flight paths to see if your airport is still accepting inbound traffic. Usually airports limit inbound before them cancel outbound.

coldweatherFor insurance to cover travel delay, cancellation, medical, baggage loss and much more:

Click here for Travel Guard or ask your travel agent.

Benefits of the Salt Scrub in our Spa Classic Package

Unrefined salt is the healthy way to go and in our loofah scrub we use it mixed with oils. Salt helps carry nutrients into cells and also boosts immune systems and keeps body balanced. Salt as a scrub helps to open pores and allow minerals easier passage into the body. It is a detoxing agent and relaxer.

Our package includes the salt loofah scrub done as intensely or softly as your skin needs.

Unrefined Salt Used in our Loofah Scrub

Our staff understand English and accommodate all your wishes. A fango in mud finishes off your treatment.

Almond Cream in Ixtapan Spa and Sun Damaged Skin

The photo is of one of the many shops in town which sell cosmetic creams. But Ixtapan Spa’s almond cream is in your room when you arrive. Almond cream which we supply free of charge contains proteins, vitamins E and B as well as minerals and fats which moisturize your skin. Those guests ‘in the know’ eat almonds as part of their heart healthy calcium-rich diet, but topical use of almond cream is valuable also.

Our Ixtapan Spa products contain many edible items, our almond cream is only a small part of Ixtapan’s organic approach to skin, hair and nail health.

One of the many cosmetic shops in our lovely spa town.

Ixtapan Spa’s Scrumptious Fruit and Cheese Plate

The resort will always serve this plate of pineapple, cantelope and watermelon or papaya, with Oaxaca lite cheese if you wish. But they do not deliver to your home,  so join us in Ixtapan de la Sal for a spa-licious time. This fruit plate is part of our 1200-1500 calorie daily meal plan, (calories differ depending on how much you help yourself to the fabulous breakfast buffet).

It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.