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Taxco to be the Next Big Mexico Destination

The government of Guerrero signed an agreement to publicize Taxco and other areas to American tourists. As a result, United Airlines and Aeromexico will both increase flights from US cities. If you wish to experience colonial Taxco before the rush, take one of our excursions; Ixtapan Spa offers a Taxco day for a pittance. YouContinue Reading

Semana Santa and Festivities near our Hotel

Mexico is known for its colorful and  musical religious holidays. The days between Palm Sunday and Easter are particularly festive. Some cities like Taxco, near us, are notable for their street events: intricately woven palms decorate churches on Palm Sunday,  street reenactments of the crucifixion on Easter, and crafts and street foods sold all week.Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Party at Ixtapan Spa

  We celebrate all holidays with great enthusiasm. Here we are on Valentine’s Day with some guests and David, our Maitre D’ and Magdalena, our General Manager.  Ixtapan dining is friendly and we love to offer parties to  our guests using local flowers and often a special menu.Continue Reading

Mexico’s economy is growing faster than that of US

in 2011 Mexico’s GDP growth rate was 3.9%, faster than that of the U.S. (1.8%) or Canada (2.4%). Mexican GDP per person was $15,100, higher than any other Latin American country except Chile. Mexico is an oil exporter, a center of high technology and assembly.  Immigration has reversed to more incoming to Mexico than outgoing.Continue Reading

Mexico Awarded Star Diamond prize for its Cuisine

Mexico’s traditional cuisine, already  on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, has been recognized with another great honor – the International Star Diamond Award. While at Ixtapan Spa, you dine on  choices of  Continental and Mexican spa food.  Low-cal main dish  favorites are Seafood Salad  and fresh fish Veracruz  in aContinue Reading