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Almond Cream in Ixtapan Spa and Sun Damaged Skin

The photo is of one of the many shops in town which sell cosmetic creams. But Ixtapan Spa’s almond cream is in your room when you arrive. Almond cream which we supply free of charge contains proteins, vitamins E and B as well as minerals and fats which moisturize your skin. Those guests ‘in the know’ eat almonds as part of their heart healthy calcium-rich diet, but topical use of almond cream is valuable also.

Our Ixtapan Spa products contain many edible items, our almond cream is only a small part of Ixtapan’s organic approach to skin, hair and nail health.

One of the many cosmetic shops in our lovely spa town.

2 comments on “Almond Cream in Ixtapan Spa and Sun Damaged Skin”

  1. By the way, other very helpful additives for the skin are Aloe Vera gel, which I think i see in the middle bottle (?) and coconut cream, both of which are helpful additives for skin repair, rehydration and rescue …….Very useful to protect against skin ailments!!!!!!!! They’ve SAVED my skin from years in the sun!!!!

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