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Optional Services at Ixtapan Spa: Hot Stones


spa-574Our spa packages our inclusive with so many services you will never have to time NOT to relax: 17 total in a full week Spa Classic Package. However we also offer Holistic Services in addition, in the Spa Holistico on the premises.

Here is a word about the Hot Stone Massages: temperature increases help in relaxing muscles. Stones-usually volcanic basalt- are heated to between 120-140 degrees. Some are used to massage your muscles and others are laid on your stomach, palms, between toes etc. The heat should be relaxing but never burning. The stones at Ixtapan Spa are lubricated with oils so the massage is slick and penetrating.  If you like a massage later in the day, ask for a late appointment from the Spa Desk on the Fifth Floor.   We offer a full menu of other optional services. Our prices are so low compared with those in North America, you would be remiss not to try these ultra’s.

Ask at the Spa Desk, how you book and pay for Holistico treatments.

Ixtapan feels like Summer Camp for Adults

I have heard this comment many times while enjoying my stays in Mexico. Why do women compare Ixtapan Spa to Summer Camp?  First of all, there are mainly women in the spa area which creates friendly chatter and an ambiance of fun even amongst strangers. There is also the fitness part in which we can discover how good it feels to  be physically stretched with muscles relaxed, each at our own level.

Women often come in groups and even those solo find that dining is casual, at big tables we remember from camp. Clothes can be sloppy or fashion-fit, no make up, wet hair…. Finally the easy schedule that takes your through each day: gym, pool, spa, salon, back to a meal etc. takes all the work out of organizing each day.

But the real ‘camp-like’ atmosphere comes from the friendliness of the guests and the ease with which we can meet each other. Solo guests find they immediately make friends on the AM walk, a class, at the pool, in the lobby, at meals and in the spa. Who isn’t welcoming when their head is wet and their face covered with fruit puree?

Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa’s Kitchen

Pico de GalloThe Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however olives were not grown in Mexico until The Franciscans cultivated a grove, which one can still see a memorial to in Xochimilco, Mexico City.  The olive grows grew, became a competitor to Spanish oils and King Charles III halted the production in Mexico. Today olive oil is again grown in parts of the country and is becoming a plentiful crop. The national anthem of Mexico even refers to the olive indicating its importance in the last century.

Use olive oil in Mexican cooking in place of other fats, use it sparingly as oils spread more quickly than hard fats. For instance a spray of olive oil in your hot pan works well  in our chicken hamburger a favorite at Ixtapan Spa. Chop or buy chopped chicken, mix with herbs such as coriander,parsley,thyme. Sear both sides and cook thoroughly. Add a side of tomato salsa or limes and lemons. We use limes at Ixtapan Spa for their juiciness and because they are locally sourced. Come down this Spring and Summer for cool mountain air. As you know our wait staff is very friendly, ask them about other recipes you like.

Meditation and Yoga Classes Increased at Ixtapan Spa

The overwhelmingly positive response to our gorgeous Zen Gazebo in the gardens has resulted in more zen oriented classes. Most guests have tried one or more of the classes. As with all our services, the zen classes can be done by anyone from beginners trying meditation to frequent yoga practitioners. The Gazebo is constructed withContinue Reading

Tipping at Ixtapan Spa

    Today there was a hilarious cartoon in The New Yorker with two people checking into a hotel room. A porter stands at the door and one says to the other: “How much are we supposed to tip the guy who followed us to our room and flicked on the light switch?”. Above isContinue Reading

Group Leader Training Fam June 22-29 2014

We are delighted to announce our annual Group Leader Training Fam Trip.  Past participants have become successful group leaders, some were travel agents and some just had lots of enthusiasm! Many kinds of guests make excellent group leaders. The training will help you organize your group, grow your group and market your group. It alsoContinue Reading

Personal Visit to New York Times Show March 1-2 2014

  Dear Guests, We are hoping you stop by at our Booth at The New York Times Travel Show either on March 1 or 2. If you are a travel agent, you are invited to Travel Agent Day on February 28 also. At our table we will tempt you with photos of our new ZenContinue Reading

New New New

Just back from Ixtapan with lots of new experiences: meditation in the zen gazebo, kick boxing in the gym, zumba in the pool, restorative yoga in the gazebo, and new parties. Now with groups you receive a fabulous Mexican Fiesta outdoors under the stars. Grandiose buffet, flowers galore, Mexican sangria on each table, wine andContinue Reading

Lowest Airfares to Ixtapan Spa for Winter

Always stay tuned to our specials and news from Ixtapan Spa. You might save some money or grab a new airfare to us. Specials are on our site and are sent to those who have registered their emails with us. Send us your new email and those of your traveling pals and you will neverContinue Reading

Why Young Women Come to Ixtapan Spa

We are not just a beauty spa or a weight loss resort. Ixtapan Spa is a full service fitness, weight loss, skin/ hair/ body health experience, walking, swimming, tennis and good eating destination. We welcome many younger women who either come with their moms or in groups of friends. Many younger women never take theContinue Reading