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Ixtapan Spa/Yoga/Fitness Resort Awarded 2017 Tripadvisor Excellence

2017_COE_Logos_API_283x286_en-US-UKWe are delighted to announce that once again, we were awarded a Certificate of Excellence as a top spa/yoga/fitness resort. The importance of this award is that it is a result of our guests’ reviews.

We thank all of you who rated us on Tripadvisor this past year.

Specials and Discounts appear on www.spamexico.com and on our Facebook Page. The latter is being revamped right now. Please ‘like’ us on the new page when it is ready. We will remind you.

To book a cool mountain getaway, call our Texas office today: 1 800 IXTAPAN or email us at Ixtapan@spamexico.com

Low Single Supplements at Ixtapan Spa


Getting to our resort is efficiently taken care of by our dedicated transportation staff. After you book, you give your flight information to our office in Texas. The office will arrange an optional transfer to/from the resort.

After exiting immigration and customs in the modern Mexico City Airport or the small Toluca Airport, your driver  waits with a sign. He has your name and  helps you to the clearly marked Ixtapan Spa van. From that moment on, relax as your vacation begins. The drive is on wide toll highways past soaring mountains and verdant farms. Nearing Ixtapan de La Sal, you enter a world of flowers grown for international export.

Now your only job is to enjoy yourself, begin a jacuzzi, a fitness class, a massage, or a healthy meal. Your paperwork will list fitness classes and a schedule for your treatments.

For newcomers, there is a map of the property  near the front door. Come solo or with friends, Ixtapan Spa awaits with a homegrown welcome and casual atmosphere.

To book: ixtapan@spamexico.com or call 1 800 IXTAPAN.

Weekend Tips from Ixtapan Spa

It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.
It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.

Most of our guests at Ixtapan Spa-Spa Mexico are interested in better eating and better health.
Food manufacturing is taking a new look at high fructose corn syrup and its use in many of our foods. A few seconds reading labels in the market will save you from this addictive type of sugar.

For instance, an old favorite, Heinz ketchup, is now sold under the label Simply Heinz, with  cane sugar rather than HFCS and, with low sugar under a different label. Many other traditional foods are changing to sugar and low sugar away from HFCS. But you must read labels carefully.

After you spend a week detoxing with our excellent food, natural fruit and low fat meats, you can continue your new kick started routine with a habit of reading labels.

FYI Coke labeled Mexico is made with cane sugar, not HFCS as in the US;however not all coke sold in Mexico is made with sugar. labels again.

Join us this Summer for a healthy, stressfree, head clearing week. www.spamexico.com

Spa Mexico: A picture tells a 1,000 stories


Well, actually we have a thousand stories and pictures on our Facebook page for you to enjoy. We encourage our guests to talk to us on Facebook and via email or phone.Or to comment on this blog. We answer all comments and enjoy chatting with you on line or on the phone from our Texas office. (1 800 IXTAPAN or ixtapan@spamexico.com.

At Ixtapan Spa or Spa Mexico the friendly staff is available at the Front Desk and at all three spa areas. Staff speaks English and can accommodate most requests. Common requests: appointment changes or menu substitutions are never a problem. Welcome back to Ixtapan Spa this Summer for cool fresh air, a break from city strife and a kick start for your health.

Summer Ixtapan Spa-spamexico.com

flowers in garden smallSummer with us means cool mountain air, fresh evenings and delightful mornings. Our 7AM walk needs a light cover up. Weather at the altitude of 5400 and at our location in foothills ft is similar all year around. For those who love a cooler breeze at night, our large windows open and we supply mega fans if you prefer. Foliage in summer is boosted by occasional late afternoon rains. Summer is perfect here also. Call and book: 1 800 IXTAPAN. You will return every year.

www.spamexico.com  ixtapan@spamexico.com

Solo Prices Ixtapan Spa


Going to Ixtapan is a perfect spa and fitness getaway. Going and having your own room and total privacy is even more of a treat. Single pricing at most spas is very high, sometimes twice the actual double occupancy price. Single pricing at Ixtapan Spa is a bargain. Rates are on www.spamexico.com

If you do come alone, you will not be alone. Our living room style public spaces encourage conversation. Our Bulletin Board creates sharing of tours/tennis games and more. Casual dining where guests meet others is here. Spa waiting areas, morning walks, bingo, movies, pool and gym classes are all excellent places to meet up.

If  you prefer privacy, try a serene corner in our acres of flowering gardens. Whether you are social or not, Ixtapan Spa has a special place for you. Contact our office for your booking: ixtapan@spamexico.com or Call us in Texas at 1 800 IXTAPAN.

“Can’t Wait” is Our Guests’ Mantra




Why is it that so many of our guests return every year to Ixtapan Spa? It is, of course, the healthy experience, weather, food, inclusiveness and budget. But there is a certain feeling of being back home in Mexico expressed by guests.

Ixtapan Spa is not a brand, it is a family owned resort, offering personal service and a warm welcome from staff who know your name. The hotel is small enough that you find you way around in a day or two; but large enough that there will be surprises each year, plus secrets to learn from veteran guests.

We evolve each year and are always updating. Last year was our first with the warm mineral bath stretch, good for relaxation and arthritis and ideal after the 2 mile early morning walk.

If you have not been back in a while, come home again and see what new goodies we have for you and your health. Better yet, bring friends who will thank you bilingually.

5 Ways to Make Your Ixtapan Trip Even Better

Many guests at Ixtapan Spa are annuals so they know the ropes and are familiar with the staff. Here are 5 ways to make your first trip ‘an insider experience’.

Walk around the 6 acre hotel complex so you know where the new fitness center, yoga gazebo, tennis courts, back gate and both pools are. When you are moving from, say, water aerobics to the fitness center on your first full day, you will not get lost.

Yes you may enter any class after it begins. However for those in the new fitness center, it is advisable to be there for the beginning stretches. We supply all the equipment and there is bottled water in the gym plus fresh towels. For walks you need to be at the Front Door when the walk begins.

You may always switch your dining preferences to the main dining room. Please tell our Head Wait Staff so they can plan. You may also ask for an omelet, cheese and fruit and often, broiled fish as an alternative meal.

Pack lightly; laundry is inexpensive and our high altitude climate dries clothes quickly. Dress is casual even at dinner, unless you prefer to up the ante a bit.

Coming solo? Use our Bulletin Board in the Lobby for partners for tennis,  sightseeing excursions, and a walk into town. Town is a ten minute walk; best days for shopping are Friday/Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Dollars and credit cards are accepted in most shops. An ATM is located outside the back gate of Ixtapan Spa  past the Aquatic Park and second spa building where many more services are available optionally.

You will be a returnee every year!  Begin today: 1 800 IXTAPAN answered in San Antonio TX by our welcoming staff.

Winter Woes: Don’t miss out


This winter will be Ixtapan’s busiest season with a chill looming and snow early in parts of North America. Flights to Mexico City are also busy, as the economy is brisk south of the border with global investment in manufacturing and more.

So here is the simple way to get organized. Call our office for availability. Give our welcoming staff a credit card to guarantee your spot ( they will not debit the card). Then talk to your friends and see if you can get a small group going. If not, Ixtapan staff will arrange a private transfer from the airport to the resort and your driver will be standing there as you exit customs/immigration.

Try the usual airline sites for either Toluca or Mexico City, then try some others: Google now offers its own flight deals, and kayak.com is another, with money saving combinations of airlines.

Whatever you do today, book your room at the resort and start yapping to your friends. The office in San Antonio is 1 800 IXTAPAN or 1 800 638 7950.