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Going to Ixtapan is a perfect spa and fitness getaway. Going and having your own room and total privacy is even more of a treat. Single pricing at most spas is very high, sometimes twice the actual double occupancy price. Single pricing at Ixtapan Spa is a bargain. Rates are on

If you do come alone, you will not be alone. Our living room style public spaces encourage conversation. Our Bulletin Board creates sharing of tours/tennis games and more. Casual dining where guests meet others is here. Spa waiting areas, morning walks, bingo, movies, pool and gym classes are all excellent places to meet up.

If  you prefer privacy, try a serene corner in our acres of flowering gardens. Whether you are social or not, Ixtapan Spa has a special place for you. Contact our office for your booking: or Call us in Texas at 1 800 IXTAPAN.

“Can’t Wait” is Our Guests’ Mantra




Why is it that so many of our guests return every year to Ixtapan Spa? It is, of course, the healthy experience, weather, food, inclusiveness and budget. But there is a certain feeling of being back home in Mexico expressed by guests.

Ixtapan Spa is not a brand, it is a family owned resort, offering personal service and a warm welcome from staff who know your name. The hotel is small enough that you find you way around in a day or two; but large enough that there will be surprises each year, plus secrets to learn from veteran guests.

We evolve each year and are always updating. Last year was our first with the warm mineral bath stretch, good for relaxation and arthritis and ideal after the 2 mile early morning walk.

If you have not been back in a while, come home again and see what new goodies we have for you and your health. Better yet, bring friends who will thank you bilingually.

5 Ways to Make Your Ixtapan Trip Even Better

Many guests at Ixtapan Spa are annuals so they know the ropes and are familiar with the staff. Here are 5 ways to make your first trip ‘an insider experience’.

Walk around the 6 acre hotel complex so you know where the new fitness center, yoga gazebo, tennis courts, back gate and both pools are. When you are moving from, say, water aerobics to the fitness center on your first full day, you will not get lost.

Yes you may enter any class after it begins. However for those in the new fitness center, it is advisable to be there for the beginning stretches. We supply all the equipment and there is bottled water in the gym plus fresh towels. For walks you need to be at the Front Door when the walk begins.

You may always switch your dining preferences to the main dining room. Please tell our Head Wait Staff so they can plan. You may also ask for an omelet, cheese and fruit and often, broiled fish as an alternative meal.

Pack lightly; laundry is inexpensive and our high altitude climate dries clothes quickly. Dress is casual even at dinner, unless you prefer to up the ante a bit.

Coming solo? Use our Bulletin Board in the Lobby for partners for tennis,  sightseeing excursions, and a walk into town. Town is a ten minute walk; best days for shopping are Friday/Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Dollars and credit cards are accepted in most shops. An ATM is located outside the back gate of Ixtapan Spa  past the Aquatic Park and second spa building where many more services are available optionally.

You will be a returnee every year!  Begin today: 1 800 IXTAPAN answered in San Antonio TX by our welcoming staff.

Winter Woes: Don’t miss out


This winter will be Ixtapan’s busiest season with a chill looming and snow early in parts of North America. Flights to Mexico City are also busy, as the economy is brisk south of the border with global investment in manufacturing and more.

So here is the simple way to get organized. Call our office for availability. Give our welcoming staff a credit card to guarantee your spot ( they will not debit the card). Then talk to your friends and see if you can get a small group going. If not, Ixtapan staff will arrange a private transfer from the airport to the resort and your driver will be standing there as you exit customs/immigration.

Try the usual airline sites for either Toluca or Mexico City, then try some others: Google now offers its own flight deals, and is another, with money saving combinations of airlines.

Whatever you do today, book your room at the resort and start yapping to your friends. The office in San Antonio is 1 800 IXTAPAN or 1 800 638 7950.



Ixtapan Spa for Everyone


What a special day for all Americans to welcome a Pope who opens up discussions about issues that effect all of us. At Ixtapan Spa,

we also welcome all faiths and all nationalities. It is important to our staff that so many North Americans count Ixtapan Spa as their winter “home” and we are proud of that warm feeling. If you have not been here in a while, the welcome mat is more up to date, but the smiles are the same.

Come back and see our Zen Gazebo, new fitness center and fitness class spaces, enjoy our updated menu, our mineral water exercise and tell the folks at home via our free wifi. Book today at 1 800 IXTAPAN OR

Ixtapan Spa and Hot Springs Stretch Classes

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Ixtapan Spa has warm mineral springs next door. The Springs offer a wonderful place for a stretch after our 7AM walk. Some guests only do the mineral springs class; others do the walk and then the Springs.

Some benefits of moving in warm mineral springs are: increased relaxation, and circulation. Warm mineral springs can also relax tired muscles and improve sleep. Some people with chronic muscle pain find relief. Others with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis find help and others with rough skin get some softening. Of course you should always check with your doctor before using hot springs. And if you love them, spread the mud to help your face and neck tighten.

Mineral springs advice brought to you from Ixtapan Spa Hotel and Golf Resort. The Springs are right next door using the same entrance as the Water Park. Admission is free for the 8AM class but a small fee at other times.

Why We Put Blankets in all Ixtapan Spa Rooms



Our altitude is 5400-6000 feet. You arrive in Mexico City and are met personally by our drivers in modern vans. As we  drive on the modern highways towards charming Ixtapan de la Sal, you will descent gradually. From urban views, you will soon be in farm land backed by mountains, colonial church spires centering small towns.

Still in stunning mountains, but at a lower altitude, our resort is cool and spring-like every night of the year. In winter, we drop to 50 at night and two weeks ago end August, our low was 55. Guests don’t need air conditioning but might need our  blankets.

Guests who like white noise, request a fan. Others just enjoy the clear cool of our mountain air. Come Winter, come Spring, come Autumn, come Summer: we are blessed with a perfect climate. And yes our pools are heated all year around. And yes bring a sweater for AM walks and late afternoon shopping in town. Book today at or visit 1 800 IXTAPAN.



Winter is Coming with Pasty Faces and Colds

Everyone forgets how cold it can get in the winter, how miserable the flu can be, how pasty our faces, and how easy it is to gain weight. Now is the time to book your group at Ixtapan Spa. January-April are peak season and this coming year, you take chances if you do not book now.

If you are coming with a few friends, why not try for 6 total and get a small group, with a discounted price. Not so hard if you begin this holiday weekend to mention your dates to friends over the BBQ. For information on how to become a group leader or how to book your winter dates, call our wonderful staff at 1 800 IXTAPAN or email them:

When that first sniffle appears, it might be too late.

Ixtapan Spa if you are not into Fitness?


Ixtapan Spa is a balanced resort in which you can exercise intensely, casually or not at all. Guests have a wide choice of options. Easy AM walk, or a quicker hillier AM walk? Aerobics in the gym or aerobics less intensely in the pools? Pilates with balls or without? Each fitness class can be done at any level; it is more important not to get hurt than to rush back into exercise. Not used to exercise machines? Book a personal trainer. Want to try yoga? Just tell us it is your first time.

For guests who are not interested in fitness at all, there is always a stroll into town for shopping and photographs, trips to Taxco for silver or Cuernavaca for history and gardens. Others find a quiet corner of our acres of gardens to read, or just rest. Most afternoons are taken up with your many included treatments. For more spa experiences, we suggest you try some of the Holistic services or use the mineral baths next door ( now owned by Ixtapan Spa).

Frida Kahlo bags Sunday Market Ixtapan de la Sal CopyingCandy Sunday Market Ixtapan smallerHat Store Sunday market Ixtapan de la Sal

Anyone will enjoy their week, fit or not.  Join us for a cool Summer high in the mountains at

Hot Weather Tips From Ixtapan Spa

It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.
It does not get fresher or more delicious than this fruit plate, with Oaxaca cheese.

Here is how we at Ixtapan Spa take care of you in Summer when our daytime temperatures are only 80ish and night time, about 60ish. We give you as much free bottled water as you want. We have bottled water at meals, in the bar and in our new fitness center. At meals, we also offer free of charge: hybiscus drinks, different teas, coffee and breakfast includes all kinds of fresh juice. Juices are sweet orange, sometimes pink grapefruit and often green cactus/pineapple mix. They are all fantastic, don’t stink on juice here.

You may ask for a giant fan in your room. You may also swap any meal for fruit and cheese or fish to make your intake even lighter for summer weather.

Finally, laundry for your fitness clothes is inexpensive, excellent and takes usually over night. Don’t over pack, for a few $dollars, you can use our laundry by handing it with the laundry bag and list to housekeeping.

Ask for your free packed lunch on departure, it will also have a bottle of juice in it along with a sandwich, fruit and dare we admit: a cookie.

Drink lots of liquids when exercising or just relaxing at high altitude. You will feel better and look amazing.   

Book today: or call 1 800 638 7950 from North America.