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Solo Travelers – Mexican Spas: Ixtapan Spa


Ixtapan Spa has the best single price for an all inclusive fitness/spa resort in North America? Besides the low single supplement, the resort is solo friendly in many ways:

Casual dining at large tables which welcome newcomers to join.

Interactive activities beginning with the 7AM walk (and talk).

Lobby which invites conversation: coffee and juice from 6:30AM in a lobby with inviting table arrangements.

Various areas to congregate besides an open air lobby: Serene Spa area, Holistic Spa area, around the two pools, peaking at silver in the shop, and of course during walks and fitness classes. (That is if you can talk and work out simultaneously).

Guest bulletin board to find tennis, cards, or excursion partners.

You will not end your first day at Ixtapan Spa without having a conversation with other guests. Want to stay solo? Just cuddle up under a flowering tree in our gardens, with your book and relax.

Book now and get away from the freezing winter.

Ixtapan Spa: 1 flight 1 drive



Many newcomers ask exactly where are we. We are one flight to Mexico City from most US cities and one drive in our private vans to Ixtapan de la Sal 65 miles SW on major modern highways.

Five easy steps:

Arrange your stay with our Texas Office: 1 800 638 7950 or ixtapan@spamexico.com

Book your flight to Mexico City (fares are pretty low due to minimum fuel surcharges).

Notify us of your airline and flight number.  We meet you outside customs in th terminal,with a large sign that says Ixtapan Spa. Then we drive you to our resort in air conditioned modern vans fully visible with out logo and name.

Pack casually, we supply all equipment, robes, pool towels. Meals are friendly and solo guests will find meal pals everywhere.

Bring US$, you don’t even need Mexican Pesos.

How easy is that to escape the chills and cold of North America!


Winter in Ixtapan Spa


Here is what you can expect: a warm and usually sunny arrival into Mexico City, where our air conditioned vans await you. As you drive to our resort, you actually descent more than a 1,000 feet to our altitude: 5400. Weather in Ixtapan de la Sal is slightly different from that in Mexico City: more sunny, no pollution at all, with clear days and nights.

Average temperatures in winter are 75+, often higher with intense sun due to altitude. Sun block is recommended. Nights are cool, mornings are cool requiring a fleece or sweat shirt as you begin our 7AM walk. By 8AM, you will have removed that outer layer!

Clothing here is casual, work out clothes during the day. Bathing suits for pool classes (we supply robes and towels. Again most guests dress casually for dinner.  Lunch by the pool is a shorts/leggings/bathing suit with robe situation.

We recommend a hat for the sun. If you forget anything, there are plenty of shops near us to grab a tee shirt, hat or other simple garb. Shops usually take US$ to make it easy.

Tips from Ixtapan Spa for your Winter Visit.

Solo Spa Vacation Guests-IxtapanSpa


Why is it so easy to come solo to Ixtapan Spa? The obvious answer is price: we are the only spa/fitness resort with an economic price for its single supplement! Less obvious is the friendliness of our resort where guests meet at early morning walks, in classes, in our living room type lobby, at meals with large round tables, and in the gardens. The whole layout of the resort encourages conversation amongst strangers with everyone sharing tips and insider information.

Spend five minutes in our spa waiting room and you will have made a new pal. Even our bar is undaunting for a solo to sit down and have a piquant margarita after a day of fitness, pampering and beautiful vistas.

Come alone or with a friend or group, you will not regret it. Transfers from local airports are all done with hotel employees, in hotel vans, with clearly marked signs! A solo spa vacation is the best treat you can give yourself.

Are you too old for Ixtapan Spa?

Is a fitness vacation suitable for a senior? The answer is two fold: yes if you mind your body, and no if you are unrealistic about yourself. Five ways seniors enjoy Ixtapan Spa:

1- The atmosphere is casual and fitness classes are adaptable to any level of physical ability. In the same Pilates class you will see super fit and the newbies benefiting in different ways.

2-Pool classes are a great way to begin getting fit. Water allows you to balance better, but also works as a weight. We supply noodles to float on, again some women are careful movers and others are beating the water for extra sculpting.

3-Food: our spa cuisine is not a drastic diet. We use fresh ingredients, wash everything in bottled water, and serve generous low fat dishes. There is enough variety so everyone can find what suits their needs.

4- Walks are divided into fast and slow paces. If you begin a walk and wish to go even slower, there is a staff member behind us who will loop you around so you don’t separate from the others.

5- Any issue not anticipated? We have a doctor with office hours daily in the afternoon on the Fifth Floor near the Spa Desk.

The one factor to keep in mind when visiting us, is altitude. Take it slowly the first day or so until you acclimate.  Welcome to Ixtapan Spa at any age!



First Snow of the Year in NE

The last few days in the Northeast have brought us the first snows. Initially the snow is beautiful, then dirty, then endless. Don’t leave your winter sun plans too late. Airfares skyrocket and our resort is increasingly full. Booking today is even easier with our new Reservations button on Facebook. We take a credit card as a guarantee and you may call that in if you prefer.

Join us for a wonderful rejuvenating warm winter week at bargain prices. Reserve here, on our site or on Facebook!  Our office is in Texas so call Central Time if you prefer to speak with one of us: 1 800 IXTAPAN.

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Our Neighborhood: Ixtapan de la Sal

A walk into Ixtapan de la Sal, our town is 7-10 minutes from Ixtapan Spa, along a market then a short street. First you will see some cowboys and their horses in the road, offering to rent out their steeds. Then you enter our friendly town with a street market on the right side (weekends and Fridays), and continue down the main street. “Main” sounds busy but this is a quiet and easily crossed street. Walking downhill you pass craft,food, spa product, clothing and jewelry stores. Merchants are friendly and take USdollars.

Further on, there is a charming taco “factory”, and to the left on 17 September Street is the colonial church and its surrounding plaza. En route to the church, you again pass stores with cosmetics, bakeries, drugstores with North American inventory, and much more. If you wish to continue exploring: walk down the steps to the main plaza and gazebo area for a look at local life. On Sunday early mornings, there is a very large farmer’s market down this hill.

Tired at some point? Hail a taxi and return to Ixtapan Spa: $3.  Enjoy our neigborhood while you enjoy our resort.


Salads, Unpeeled Fruits: Safely Eaten at Ixtapan Spa

Water is often an issue when traveling out of the country. At Ixtapan Spa, we are well aware that US and Canadian travelers prefer to drink bottled water overseas.

For those of you who do not know it: fruits, veggies and salads are washed in distilled bottled water at our resort. And free bottles of the same are in your room daily. If you are a big exerciser and love your water, do not worry. We replace your water with as much as you need for tooth brushing, drinking or face splashing!

Join us this winter for a warm healthy getaway that will make winter fly.


Information on Mexico City Airport

If you are considering a visit and have never been to Mexico City Airport (MEX), here are some nice surprises while you wait for our vans to pick you.Terminal 1 is the newer terminal, with shops, restaurants, wifi in many places like Starbucks and of course the usual lounges, plus a direct connection to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel if you need to stay overnight.

Terminal 2 is a bit older but still modern with the same amenities and a large exhibition hall with wonderful photos of different parts of Mexico. The exhibit is worth some time if you have it. Again there is wifi at many restaurants and Starbucks has seating with desk like areas and electrical plugs. (Electricity is the same as in the US, no adaptor needed).

You will find both easy to navigate, with many English speaking staff and goodies to buy.  Restaurants accept credit cards.


Here is a secret, if you are a frequent visitor, some restaurants do NOT change their passwords.

Group Leader Training Class No 2 at their Farewell Party

Winter is here; see our Climate below

Exactly what is winter like in Ixtapan de la Sal? The resort is 5400 ft. above sea level, but South of Mexico City (65 miles). Altitude gives us cool clear mountain air and being at the southern most part of North America gives us warm days and glorious flowers. Yes Mexico is North America! Daytime temperatures in winter range from 70-80 with full sun. Night time range from 55-60 max. Rain falls mostly in the Summer and Fall but an occasional day also in winter, giving guests time to enjoy their spa treatments and day trips.

Clothing in winter is layered for the early AM walk, summery for daytime, and again light sweater or fleece for night time. The resort supplies both heavy blankets for the thin blooded and fans for those who like to super cold. The pools are heated.