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Weekend Facebook Tips for Ixtapan Spa

You might have noticed that we are beginning to offer Spa Specials for Friends on our Facebook Page. Tell your travel companions to join in so they benefit also. Why Facebook?

Facebook friends tell the world exactly why they love coming to Ixtapan Spa. Along with Tripadvisor, new guests get a first hand account from non partisan viewpoints.

Facebook photos which you kindly share with us also depict how much fun we all have at Ixtapan, and when it is a group photo, you encourage your pals to join in your group.

So spread the word, tell the world to become a friend of our vibrant Facebook page! Share the fun and share the goodies.

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TSA Announces New Rules

tsabadgeThe TSA has announced that flights bound for and to the United States will have a new security requirement. All electronic devices: phone, tables, computers, kindles and other will have to be turned on and off at the security check point.  This means your devices must have a charged battery!

At Ixtapan Spa, we have free wifi in both rooms and hotel areas so many guests bring their devices. And Mexican electrical current is 110 with US style plugs so there is no reason not to have charged implements.
At the airport in Mexico City, there are plenty of plugs at Starbucks ( even desk type seating).

Visit us this Summer at our Summer Special Rates posted on our site.

Five Time Savers at Ixtapan Spa

Since you are here to use all the facilities of the resort, we thought some ideas on how to save time might help you. Catch up on your emails while you wait for our private transfers from Mexico City Airport. Many of the restaurants near our pick up point have wifi for just a cupContinue Reading

Five Reasons to Come on Ixtapan Spa’s June 22-29 2014 Group Leader Training Trip

If you have friends and love Ixtapan, why not learn to become a Group Leader with us? Some women do this for fun; some women arrange groups for profit and some do it for their organizations. Our new Meditation Zen Gazebo, candle lit with a natural foliage landscape. HERE ARE FIVE REASONS TO JOIN USContinue Reading

Mother Daughter Discounts

The best part of a mother daughter special at Ixtapan Spa is the time you can spend together. During  busy lives, there is little time to get re-acquainted. Mothers  work way past historic retirement ages and daughters are usually handling their own home,children and careers. Taking a spa/health break is good not just for yourContinue Reading

Optional Services at Ixtapan Spa: Hot Stones

  Our spa packages our inclusive with so many services you will never have to time NOT to relax: 17 total in a full week Spa Classic Package. However we also offer Holistic Services in addition, in the Spa Holistico on the premises. Here is a word about the Hot Stone Massages: temperature increases helpContinue Reading

Ixtapan feels like Summer Camp for Adults

I have heard this comment many times while enjoying my stays in Mexico. Why do women compare Ixtapan Spa to Summer Camp?  First of all, there are mainly women in the spa area which creates friendly chatter and an ambiance of fun even amongst strangers. There is also the fitness part in which we canContinue Reading

Weekend Tip from Ixtapan Spa’s Kitchen

The Spanish arrived in the New World in 1492, among the possessions were olives and olive oil, however olives were not grown in Mexico until The Franciscans cultivated a grove, which one can still see a memorial to in Xochimilco, Mexico City.  The olive grows grew, became a competitor to Spanish oils and King CharlesContinue Reading

Meditation and Yoga Classes Increased at Ixtapan Spa

The overwhelmingly positive response to our gorgeous Zen Gazebo in the gardens has resulted in more zen oriented classes. Most guests have tried one or more of the classes. As with all our services, the zen classes can be done by anyone from beginners trying meditation to frequent yoga practitioners. The Gazebo is constructed withContinue Reading